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The Restored Heart Foundation (RHF) is a non-governmental organization established in February 2022 to spotlight some of the educational dilemmas faced in Nigeria and to create a haven for teenagers and young adults to express themselves without the fear of being judged. We run education and health projects that cut across all demographics, especially in rural communities where teenagers and young adults are not encouraged to speak up and suffer in silence.
We infuse the concept of self-identity and self-awareness in our programs because we believe these elements are essential to survive in today's rapidly changing world.
We want to join hands with other changemakers to help restore hope to humanity and do whatever it takes to achieve this. We believe everyone deserves a right to go through life with as many opportunities as possible to maximize their potential and realize who they are.
At the RHF, everyone matters, and every story counts. We want to inspire as many people as possible to go after their dreams, little by little, step by step.
"Your experiences are valid, and we are here to listen."